2017 USA/Canada Forum Registration Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the Forum

The USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum Committee and the Oregon Lions invite you to Portland, Oregon.  This 41st Forum is the first in the new century of leadership and service of our great Association.  We will have celebrated our centennial in July and it is now time to look to the future.


Our future may be a mystery, but what better place to seek the future than to the heavens?  Why should Lions look any farther than constellation Leo?  That's correct, our goals should be limited only by our imagination and Service with Creativity.


Over 90 seminars, presented by some the brightest leaders in our Association, will present some of the most important topics for your Lion career and personal life.  Some of the best speakers in the country will inspire us all to greater service,


What better location to look to the future

then in one the most progress and dynamic

cities in the United States?  The Lions of

the Pacific Northwest invite you to enjoy

the beauty of their fantastic geography,

enjoy their wonderful hospitality and

share their vision of Lionism.


Yours in Service,


PID Lowell Bonds

General Chairperson


Chancellor Bob Corlew

2016-17 LCI President

& Honorary Forum



2017 PLANNING COMMITTEE - Seated: IP Bob Corlew, PCC Joyce Anderson, PID Lowell Bonds. Second Row: PID Anne Smarsh, PID Sonja Pulley,  PDG Wendy Cain, DG Leslie Miller. Third Row: Lion Jodi Burmester, PID Karla Harris, PDG David “Dave” Hansen, PDG Corky Carlson,  Lion Geri Drabek, ID Alan Lundgren, PID Harvey Whitley, Lion Jama Wahl, PID Terry Graham, PDG Paul Bledsoe, PID Doug Lozier. Fourth Row: PID Gary Anderson, PID Marvin Chambers, PCC Don Brown, PID Mark Hintzmann, PID Randy Heitmann, PID Brian Sheehan.



2017 HOST COMMITTEE - Seated: IP Bob Corlew, PCC Joyce Anderson, PCC Steve Thomson. Second Row: PID Sonja Pulley, Lion Nancy Wolf, PDG Red Rowley, Lion Art Abbott, PDG Rennie Cleland, PDG Gail Black, DG Judy Kauffman PDG Sharon Rollins, Lion Dale Rollins, PDG Judy Giorgi, Lion Don Markle, Lion Jaydee De Lille, Lion Robin Stoeckler. Third Row: PCC Vincent Bishop. PDG Paul Zastrow, CCE Brad King, Lion Jim Vincent,  Lion Raema Manning, 2nd VDG Dan Wolf, Lion Steve Moser, Lion Carrie Bartley.