Great Sessions. Great Learning. Something for Everyone

Bring the Forum to Your Town:  Bidding & a Hosting a Forum What does it take to bid & host the 2022 Forum?  These former General Chairs have the experience to provide all of the answers.
Club Presidents Meet the International President Our new International President will share ideas with Club Presidents.  Don’t miss this opportunity.
DGs, Join the International President District Governors have the opportunity to chat with our International President.
First Timers:  Welcome to Columbus First Timers, join us for a Forum preview & a big welcome to you!
Fundraising in the 21st Century Are there new ways to raise funds for our worthy causes?  Join this seminar to find new ways for your club to bring home the money.
On to Spokane Lions will gather in the beauty of Spokane, Washington for the 2019 Forum.  Get the latest details.
The First International Vice President With the FVDGs If you are a First Vice District Governors this is a chance to meet & greet your First International Vice President.
Want to Be an ID?  Learn How! Lions Joe & Anne know what it takes to be a successful International Director.  Learn from their experience!
Boring Meetings Suck! The number one reason Lions leave is boring meetings!   Featured dinner speaker Jon Petz will share thoughts on methods to make meetings meaningful & purposeful.
How to Attract, Retain & Keep Great Lions Michele Ray will be our featured luncheon speaker on Friday.  In this breakout session, she will share her expertise to entice people to join a club & engage in service!
“It’s a Process”-Nick Saban Apply Nick Saban’s philosophy to engage Lions & enhance clubs.
Clubs Just Wanna Have Fun:  Tail Twisting The Tail Twister is a vital leader in the club.  Promoting fun & fellowship builds positive relationships among members.
Coach, Do You Need a Walk On? The focus is on targeting specific community members for specific club needs.  Learn the benefits!
Diversity & Diplomacy in the Lions Pride Being a leader requires knowing how to use the skill of diplomacy while recognizing the diversity in our clubs & districts.  Learn how they mesh!
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel:  Check Out the Website First LCI has a plethora of resources for leadership.  There is no need to start from scratch.  Join Alan for a showcase.
Ethics & Purposes:  Share Your Thoughts Join the roundtable discussion on our Lions Ethics & Purposes
Fundraising:  Managing a Fund Raising Project Tips on how to manage a fundraising project & promote transparency.
GAT Break Out Join the discussions lead by our GAT Area Leaders.  Brainstorm & share your ideas! Take the best ones home!
Generational Leadership Styles Each Generation has had experiences & life situations that have determined their leadership styles.  These also impact clubs.  Lion Jeff shares some insight.
Juggling Our Time Join Lion Scott Peska as he shares his juggling skills & his insights on time management
Leadership to Enhance & Engage
Lions Pride
Managing a Fund Raising Project Tips on how to manage a fundraising project, promoting transparency as well as service.
Merging Districts a Process for Success Lion Bud will share insights on the benefits of merging two districts to enhance leadership, membership & service.
PDG:  Put Me In Coach Are you a PDG & still have a few plays left?  Learn how to stay active involved & fulfilled without tackling the new leaders on the team.
Public Speaking:  No More Nerves Public speaking is the greatest fear of many people.  Hear from a seasoned speaker & presenter.  Learn the tricks of the trade to make you a great public speaker.
Sand Angels on a Beach Come & hear Mary Ann’s story & how it impacted others
Secretaries’ Round Table Join your fellow secretaries to discuss best practices.  Not a secretary, come on along to learn why the secretary is vital to club success!
Talk Time for Executive Administrators, State Secretaries & Office Managers Those who are employed to manage & support the work of Lions at the MD or District level come to chat & connect.
Team Building for all Lions Whether you are a club officer or the Council Chair there are ways to build a successful team.  Come join the fun!
The Referee Called a Foul on the Crowd!?! You are the speaker with a rowdy crowd.  Find out how to handle these difficult situations.
Top Ten Things a Club President Needs to Know When the DG Visits When company comes to visit, we all want to be at our best. When the District Governor comes to your club, be ready!
You’re Chairman of the Project, Now What? You have been named the chairman of your club’s newest service project.  Find out ways to have a well-organized project of which your members can be proud.
You’re the Club Coach:  Make the Most of Your Teams’  Time & Talents As the Club President you can coach your club members to success.  Learn How!
Zone Chair:  Key to District Success Zone Chairs play a major role in the success of a district, as well as the clubs they mentor.  Learn what it takes.
Zone Chair:  Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations Find out what is expected of you as a Zone Chair.  Gain knowledge that can be put to use for a successful year of leadership.
GAT Break Out Join the discussions lead by our GAT Area Leaders.  Brainstorm & share your ideas! Take the best ones home!
Three Sports Champions Build clubs that excel at service, membership & leadership.  Check out these GAT ideas for your club.
GAT:  Global Action Team The GAT has great potential to re-energize Lions, revitalize clubs, & rejuvenate service.  Find out how you can get involved!
LCI Forward:  Status Report LCI Forward is the 5-year plan to meet the service needs of our communities & around the world.  Join us for the latest status report.
Legalities & Lionism LCI’s legal counsel has the answers to your legal & ethical questions.  She is in the know about insurance, election procedures, club ethics issues & trademark rules.
There’s an App for That! The MyLion App is changing how Lions communicate, share & serve.  Find out what can do to be a part of this new technology
Can an LCIF Grant Help? Could a grant from LCIF assist your club or district to meet a community need?  Find out the ins & outs of writing a grant.
Implementing Lions Quest:  A Long Island Example Lions Quest has successfully been implemented on Long Island.  Could these best practices work in your community?
LCIF:  Capital Campaign LCIF is embarking on a capital campaign.  Find out how to engage Lions & clubs in this most worthy endeavor.
LCIF:  Meeting Local & Global Needs Find out what is happening with LCIF around the world & close to home.
Success Using an LCIF Grant Things we learned along the way while requesting, managing & utilizing our LCIF Grant
Lions University Graduation The Pomp & Circumstance of earning your Lions’ Certificate.  Congratulations Lions!
LU 105:  Dynamic Community Service Projects Learn the characteristics of dynamic community service projects, identify sources of ideas & other resources for service projects, & share examples of effective community service projects.
LU 108:  Member Motivation Define motivation & look at motivation theories. Consider how the theories apply to groups. Discussion of your personal motivation. Practical applications of theory to practice
LU 125:  Your Board, Your Team How to create, manage & utilize your Board of Directors to improve your club.
LU 201:  District Cabinet Selection Why a team?  The importance of identifying players on a successful team.  How to be a successful team.
LU 202: Succession Planning Define the steps involved in Succession Planning & a flexible approach to candidate selection.  You will review the resources & personal development that are available & learn of support & transition options.
LU 203:  Leadership Styles Identify the various leadership styles used & help you determine which style is best suited in specific situations.
LU 209: Strategic Planning:  Beyond Goals & Actions Plans What happens after the SMART goals are written?  What are the next steps for success?
LU 226: Decision Making Consider the process, options, choice & actions of decision making, & review common decision-making models & mechanisms where the knowledge can be applied to district decisions.
LU 307 How to Do a Webinar? Technology can provide new methods for learning.  Find out how a webinar may be the answer.  Participate in a Lions U class!
So, What is Lions University? If you have questions about Lions University, bring them to be answered!
8 to 48 A club of 8 grew to 48 overnight.  Learn how it is done & take the ideas home to build your club.
Being the Best Club Around What can the Quality Club Initiative do to support, grow, & enhance your Lions Club to be the best it can be?
Break Out:  Reaching Out to the Younger Generation Join this roundtable discussion about how to gain younger members.
Club Structure:  New Direction, New Opportunity LCI has a new model for club structure that meets the demands of our changing communities.  Is your club ready?
Coach, Do You Need a Walk On? The focus is on targeting specific community members for specific club needs.  Learn the benefits!
Corporate Social Responsibilities & Small Business Small Business may be the best place to look for new members.  Find out why!
Enticing Millennials to be Lions Join this panel discussion to find out what works to bring new ideas & fresh faces into your club.
Keep Them In The Stands The bleachers thin out after the 7th inning stretch.  Don’t let this happen in your club.  Check out these tried & true retention techniques.
League Expansion:  New Clubs Lions are coming to a city near you.  Let’s focus on the extension process!
Leos to Lions Learn how Lions can reach out to Leos & make them Lions.  Let’s learn how to engage them, not lose them.
Membership Models for the Future The world is changing & Lions must as well.  Learn about new models for membership that will enhance our service.
Recruiting in the 21at Century How do we recruit members in the 21st Century?  Come & find out!
Specialty Clubs:  What are the Options? Learn from experts how specialty clubs can be an answer to membership growth & service to the community.
Why are Service Clubs Dying & How to Fix Them? The service Lions bring to their communities is needed now more than ever.  Learn how to change the tide.
Encouragement from the Press Box This seminar will focus on public relations, branding & image for Lions.
When the NCAA Comes to Calling Learn how to deal with public relations nightmares!
Audio Description for the Visually Impaired Join Dr. Joel Snyder, head of Audio Description Project for the Council of the Blind, to learn about AD & how your club can become involved
Fidelco Dogs German Shepherds make great service dogs.  Find out how Fidelco Dogs make this happen.
Hands-On Service:  Join the Fun, Help Kids Put your hands to work & feel your heart swell as your act of kindness brings a ray of sunshine to sick children.
League Expansion:  Service Selecting the site for the next club level service initiative needs to focus on your community.  Find out what the Community Needs Assessment has to offer.
Military Boxes
Nationwide’s Children:  Pediatric Cancer
Pilot Dogs Changing Lives Pilot Dogs have a rich history.  Learn how these dogs are making lives better for many
Service Framework:  Diabetes Diabetes is a new addition to the LCI Service Framework.  Problems with Diabetes affect many.  Learn what your club can do.
Taking the Service Project Home Today’s service project can be replicated in your club or district.  Find out what it takes to make that happen.
Things Your Club Can Learn from a Diabetic Nurse (English & French) This Diabetic Nurse shares information that will help your club meet this new addition to the Global Service Framework.   (English)