General Chair Jama Wahl

Jama Wahl

Jama Wahl was a charter member of the Streator Hardscrabble Lions Club in 1999.  At the club level, she has served on various committees and as a Club President twice.  During her first term as President, the club received the only 5-star rating for the district.  During her second term, the club received the District Leadership Award for Small Clubs and the Club Excellence Award from LCI.  She is now club secretary. 

At the district level, she has served as the District Global Leadership Team Coordinator as well as the Women’s Initiative Chair and on the MERLOW team.  At the Multiple District level, she served several years as the GLT-Coordinator and MD1 Forum Chair.  She served as the 1C Area GLT Leader, serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.  She earned the Global Leadership Team Leadership Development Award of Merit at the district and multiple district level. 

Mrs. Wahl served on the Resolutions Committee at the Milan International Convention.  She has presented at numerous International Conventions and USA Canada Lions Leadership Forums as well as at district and multiple district leadership events.  She was a member of the initial faculty for the Lions Certified Instructor Program in January 2019.  She has been a faculty member for all LCI Institutes:  Emerging Lions Leadership Institute, LCI’s Faculty Development Institute, the Faculty Development Excellence Series, the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute and the MD1 Regional Lions Leadership Institute.  She is a Certified Lions Instructor through LCI’s LCIP program.  She is a member of the Masters Faculty for Lions University. 

She served as the Seminars Chair for the USA Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Portland, on the committee in Columbus and as chair in Spokane.  She co-chaired PR and General Sessions for Louisville’s Virtual Forum.  For the Des Moines Forum, she was the Facilities Chair.  She is delighted to be serving as the General Chair in Reno in 2023. 

For her Lions’ leadership efforts she has received numerous President’s Certificates of Appreciation, 6 Leadership Medals and 4 Presidential Medals.  She is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow and a Lions of Illinois Foundation Fellow. 


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