List of Seminars (Subject to Change)

1st VP AP Singh meets FVDGs/DGEs
Artificial Intelligence and how it can change Lions
Atlantic City Forum
Becoming an ID
Being a Leader as a Working Mom
Breaking group think (in Lions)
Bridging Horizons – The Eternal Volunteer Abroad Experience
Bridging the Generation Gap
Build a Plan – “Run for the Roses!”
Build a Success – “In the Winner’s Circle!”
Build a Team “Riders Up!”
Build a Vision – “Call to the Post!”
Building Your Club’s Brand
Canva – Marketing to Grow Your Club
Certified Guiding Lions and How to Become One
Constitution & Bylaws
Creative Service Ideas – Not your typical pancake fundraiser!
Cyber Clubs
Dialing for Dollars- Online Resources 4 Raising $$
Engage to Change
Engaging PDGs in Support of Mission 1.5
Eye Glass Recycling – From  Start to Success
Forum First Timers
Fundraising – Tell-A-Thon
Global Causes – Childhood Cancer
Global Causes – Diabetes
Global Causes – Disaster Relief
Global Causes – Environment
Global Causes – Humanitarian Service
Global Causes – Hunger
Global Causes – Vision
Global Causes – Youth
Helen Keller – What might she think of Lions Today!
Hosting a Forum
How to become a First Aid Responder as a Lion
How to become a Leader Dog
How to form a 501c3
ID Candidate Session
Improving the Member Experience – How to get the most out of your new AND seasoned Lions.
International President Meets Club Presidents
International President Meets District Governors
Kentucky Tornado Relief
LCI Legal
LCIF – Stories of Global Success
LCIF Chairs meet with Chairperson IPIP Dr. Patti Hill
LCIF Impact
LCIF Legacy Society
LEO Advisor Roundtable
Leo and Lion Mutual Service Projects
LEO Seminar
LEO to LEO-Lion Transition
LEOs and Young Lions – Changing the Pride
LEOs in Leadership
Lifting Up Lions to Higher Summits of Teamwork and Communication
Lion Leadership Opportunities
Lions Portal
Lions Quest – Online Demo
Lions Quest from classroom to courtroom
Living the Code of Ethics
LU – Advanced Coaching Skills (LU-312)
LU – Advanced Public Speaking (LU-304)
LU – Club Secretary  (LU-122)
LU – Club Success (LU-103)
LU – Marketing (LU-111)
LU – Meaningful Ceremonies (LU-232)
LU – Overview and Project Understanding (LU-300)
LU – Recognition (LU-204)
LU – What is Lions University?
LU – Zone Chair Role & Responsibility (LU-210)
Managing a District
Marketing Beyond Facebook
Marketing Your Club to Grow Your Service
Meaningful Induction & Installation Ceremonies
Meeting Icebreakers
Melvin Jones – What might he think of Lions Today!
Mission 1.5
Orientation to Empower Members
Problems are Opportunities Waiting to Happen
Protocol – What is it and why is it important
Recruiting in the 21st Century
Safety in Lionism
Serving Together – Partner-in- Service Opportunities
Sponsorships – How to get and keep them
Team Building to Navigate Change
Team Well being
Water With Blessings (Water filters for Africa)
Women & Young People Membership Development
Zone Chair Training
Zumba – Lions in Motion
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