Keynote Speakers

Thursday evening

Sam Glenn

For nearly three decades, Sam Glenn’s inspirational
and artistic speeches have impacted audiences of all sizes – some audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events. Sam has spoken for just about
every industry you can imagine. When it comes to attitude – nobody is excluded. Organizations get better when their people get better and it all
starts with attitude.

Friday Lunch

Randy PIErce 

During two short but significant weeks in 1989, a devastating neurological disease transformed
Randy Pierce from a healthy and ordinary young man to a blind man completely uncertain of
his future. Randy’s passion for experience encouraged him to use adversity as a positive catalyst for growth and opportunity, resulting in amazing adventures, honors, and Accomplishments.

Saturday’s lunch

International President

Fabrìcio Oliveira

2024-2025 Lions Clubs International President FabrìCio Oliveira will share his vision as the leader of The greatest service organization in the world. Every Lion can have an impact!

Saturday EVENING

Trish Wilson


Life is more than just doing life. It is about experiencing it,enjoying it and seeing how one life intersects another and makes a difference in both lives. Trish Wilson’s motto is “you have one more day, to do one more thing, to change one more life, so don’t miss the opportunity.” What would happen if you start looking at every day as different, special, impactful, adventurous, challenging and lifechanging?

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