Rosemont, IL


Chair Person: Norm Dahl
Honorary Chair: Johnny Balbo
Host Chair: John Oberweiss
Date: September 30 – October 2
The idea of the USA Forum came from the Lions International President, Joe McLoughin and he asked Norm Dahl to head the forum and asked me to be the officer to Assist.
The host leadership for the forum was norm dahl, john oberweiss and phil tom with past international president as honorary chairman. the featured speaker were senator bob dole, coach bob  dole, coach bob devaney (Nebraska) and international president joe mcloughlin. the financial responsibility of the forum was that of the lions of Illinois and they reported that they broke even the Illinois lions asked for advance contribution of $100.00  from past presidents and past international directors. it was all returned. Approximately $1000.00 forwareded to Detroit.




Detroit, MI

Chairperson: Richard Hall
Honorary Chair: Ralph Lynam
Host Chair:
Date: September 22-24
The headquarter hotel in Detroit was superb. Dick Hall was the host chairman. Ralph Lynam was the officer in charge. Speakers were: United States Senator Robert Griffin: Robert Rumball. Minister at the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Center of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Movie Actress Nanette Fabray. She is hearing impaired. We provided a Sightmoble from Vermont. Lions and Non-Lions’ eyes were screened for Glaucaoma.



Bloomington, MN

Theme: Leadership in Lionism
Chairperson: George Crumbley
Honorary Chair: William Chandler
Host Chair: Gerry Robbins
Date: September 21-23
In November following the second USA Lions Forum, a letter was sent to Past International Presidents and Past International Directors asking them for a $100 contribution to underwrite the forum and to place the forum as the responsibility of the Lions of the United States not of the host Detroit.  $8,500 was received.

A meeting was held in Bloomington to determine the purpose of the forum and how we go about promoting it.



St Louis, MO

Theme: Motivation for Leadership
Chairman: RW Dennis
Honorary Chair: William Chandler
Host Chair: Bill Steinbrueck & Russell Nixon
Date: October 17-19
The 1980 Forum was an excellent educational experience for the 1,808 in attendance. The theme was MOTIVATION FOR LEADERSHIP.
At this Forum, the Canadian Lions asked to officially join the USA Lions Forum. Unanimous approval of that request began the process of change in both international policy and forum policy to include the Lions of Canada and to permit a name change to reflect the involvement of both the United States and Canadian Lions.
A synopsis of each moderator’s report and a copy of each of the seminar presentations were made available at a cost of $8.00 to cover the cost of printing and mailing.



Denver, CO

Theme: Challenges of Leadership
Chairperson: Don Buckalew
Honorary Chair: Ebb Grindstaff
Host Chair: Earl Maddox & Lonnie Farmer
Date: September 11-13
Denver, Colorado was the site of the 1981 fifth annual USA/Canada Lions Forum. 1,400 Lions, Lioness and Leos from all over the U.S. and Canada gathered to respond to “The Challenges of Leadership” the theme of the Forum.
Excellent seminars were presented on such topics as:
Training the Trainer
How to Make Your PR Show
Extending and Building Lionism
Lioness’ and Ladies’ Roles in Our Association
The Air Force Academy choir provided special entertainment.


A change was made in the board policy of Lions Clubs International, and the name
of the Forum was changed to USA/Canada Lions Forum. The Louisville Forum was
conducted as a joint Forum of both the United States and Canada, with a record
attendance of 1,826 exploring the Forum them of “Inspiration Through
Seminars presented included:
Your Community Image – PR in Action
Club Finances – More Important Than Ever
Extension – How to Do It
And, Club Officers


Louisville, KY

Theme: Inspiration Through Leadership
Chairperson: Don Buckalew
Honorary Chair: Ebb Grindstaff
Host Chair: Earl Maddox & Lonnie Farmer
Date: September 24-26
A change was made in the board policy of Lions Clubs International, and the name of the Forum was changed to USA/Canada Lions Forum.
The Louisville Forum was conducted as a joint Forum of both the United States and Canada, with a record attendance of 1,826 exploring the Forum them of “Inspiration Through Leadership”.
Seminars presented included:
Your Community Image – PR in Action
Club Finances – More Important Than Ever
Extension – How to Do It
And, Club Officers



Chicago, IL

Theme: Strength Through Leadership
Chairperson: Robert E Anderson
Honorary Chair: Jim Fowler
Host Chair: Norm Dahl
Date: September 23-25
Lions, Lioness and Leos returned to Chicago, Illinois for the 1983 USA/Canada Lions Forum,“Strength Through Leadership” was the theme and one of the featured speakers was Danny Cox of Orange, California whose topic was, “Leadership – When the Heat Is On.”
A special feature of the Forum was a tour of the Lions Clubs International Headquarters for the 1983-84 clubs presidents and their wives on Thursday before the Forum began. Each had his picture taken with the international president.
Tapes of banquet speakers and seminar reports could be ordered for delivery later. 2,094 attendees was another new attendance record, breaking the record set the year before in Louisville. This also doubled the attendance of the first Forum held seven years earlier in Chicago.


Philadelphia, PA

Theme: Growth Through Leadership
Chairperson: James Miller
Honorary Chair: Bert Mason
Host Chair: Ted Fusco
Date: September 21-23
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the United States, was the location of the 1984 eighth USA/Canada Lions Forum.
The international president and all three vice presidents, along with many international directors, were in attendance at this Forum.
“Growth Through Leadership” was the theme of the Forum, and one of the featured speakers was Dr. Robert L. Montgomery whose presentation titled “Are You
Listening?” was very inspiring.



Hollywood, FL

Theme: Reach Out With Leadership
Chairperson: Ross DiMarco
Honorary Chair: Joeseph Wroblewski
Host Chair: Donald Hill
Date: September 20-22
1,650 attended the 1985 Forum held in Hollywood, Florida. The program was designed to accomplish the theme “Reach Out With Leadership.” International President Wroblewski stressed strengthening membership by following his theme,
“We Serve Better – Together.”
Principal speakers included Dr. Jim Tunney, an educator, National Football League referee and a widely recognized motivational speaker; Father Vincent Kiss who dedicated his life to working with youth; and Arnold “Nick” Carter, known as “Mr. Communicator,” who provided a special approach to problem solving by embracing
both “how to” and “how not to.”
Seminar text copies were again mailed to the attendees after completion of the



Calgary, AB

Theme: Skills For Leadership
Chairperson: Bruce Murray
Honorary Chair: Judge Brian Stevenson
Host Chair: Art Hironaka
Date: September 18-21
The tenth USA/Canada Lions Forum was hosted north of the border for the first time in Calgary, Alberta. The program theme was designed to help develop “Skills for Leadership,” A highlight of the Forum was a major presentation by Zig Zigler in his presentations of “See You at the Top.”
This year, the text of the seminar presentations was made available at each session, so they were not mailed to the 2,000 in attendance.
Up until this Forum the planning committee chairman inspected the site of the future forum after the site was selected. The decision was made to inspect the site of each bidding city prior to the selection of the site to help insure that the facilities were adequate for the program content of the Forum. This policy continues today.



Kansas City, MO

Theme: Integrity in Leadership
Chairperson: William Leibensperger
Honorary Chair: Judge Brian Stevenson
Host Chair: Lee Buck & George Jensen
Date: September 17-20
Kansas City, Missouri, in the heartland of the USA, was the site of the 1987 – eleventh USA/Canada Lions Forum.
“Integrity in Leadership” was the theme explored by 2,108 attendees, another attendance record.
Proceedings books were made available to all attendees. The shuttle bus service provided between hotels was very popular.
Work was started by the Forum Planning Committee to develop a policy manual for the USA/Canada Lions Forum.



Niagara Falls, NY

Theme: Paths to Excellence
Chairperson: William L Biggs
Honorary Chair: Austin Jennings
Host Chair: Gordon Hubbard & John Daniels
Date: September 22-25
In the 12th year the Forum was in beautiful Niagara Falls, New York with an official name change to the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, to better reflect the leadership development type of seminars and speakers.
Attendance kept growing with 2,981 attendees breaking last years record to explore “Paths to Excellence”, 1988’s theme.
For the first time: Tapes were available on site for all speakers and seminars of the Forum. The Forum Store was added for the convenience of the attendees. Vendors for fund raising displayed their ideas, products and merchandise. Proceedings
books were distributed on site for each attendee. And the Lions Chorus became part of the Forum.


Albuquerque, NM

Theme: Vision for the Future

Chairperson: George L Mick Barrus

Honorary Chair: William L Bill Biggs
Host Chair: William Schum & Hilliard Lewis
Date: September 14-17
Albuquerque, New Mexico was the site of the 1989 Forum with a theme of “Vision for the Future.” Attendance had declined a little with nearly 2,500 coming to Albuquerque.
For the first time, an early bird registration fee discount was offered. This enhanced early registration with such success that the practice continues today.
Another first was a Health Fair where nearly 450 individuals were screened for hearing loss, diabetes and glaucoma. Although deemed a great success, the logistical problems at future forums made its future impractical.
A last time event was the Sunday morning “Forum Review.” Interest and attendance had declined in the past few years, so it was determined to end future forums with the Saturday night banquet.



Nashville, TN

Theme: Involvement – We Serve in Action
Chairperson: Robert J. Drabek


Honorary Chair: Don Banker
Host Chair: John Justice & Earl Tatum
Date: September 20-22
The 1990 Forum was held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Several firsts were a part of this forum. Lion leaders were asked to register early as a display of commitment to the Forum. This was followed by an opportunity to preregister for the next Forum in Salt Lake City. Over 700 Lions took advantage fo
this opportunity.
Advanced registration and promotional brochures were made available in January to give all Lions an early opportunity to register.
For the first time, Friday night was set aside to experience the local area. Tickets were made available for the Grand Ole Opry along with other options.
A Long Range Planning Committee was appointed to begin looking at the future of the forum and to complete the policy manual that had been under review and production for several years.
A rising star in motivational speaking, Roger Crawford, kept he attendees spellbound with his remarkable and courageous presentation of overcoming personal and physical challenges. His intense positive attitude and heartwarming sense of humor was well received by the 2,900 in attendance.



Salt Lake City, UT

Theme: Involvement – Accept the Challenge
Chairperson: Norman M. Dean
Honorary Chair: Don Banker
Host Chair: Jay Meservy
Date: September 26-28
Salt Lake City, Utah hosted the 1991 – 15th USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. The theme was “Involvement – Accept the Challenge.”
Keynote speaker was Dr. Stephen R. Covey and we were thrilled by a performance of the 320 voice Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
In honor of the 15th anniversary, a video was shown covering the history of the Forum.
A Forum Office had been established by the Forum Planning Committee during the year. With the addition of a computer, data was available which provided interesting attendance facts concerning the 1991 Forum, such as: 1,201 first-time
attendees and a total of 230 district governors attended; which was 40 percent of the governors in the United States and Canada.
Changes included: Registration and hotel reservations being made through the Forum Office. The Forum Store was expanded. A membership forum was offered on Thursday to great interest. A talent contest and western style barbecue was a lot of fun on Friday night, and another new attendance record of 3,029 was established.



Oklahoma City, OK

Theme: Membership Strength – Our Future
Chairperson: Daniel W Dan Cole
Honorary Chair: Jim Coffey
Host Chair: Robert Lee
Date: September 24-26
Lions attending the 16th annual USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum were treated to “great western hospitality” in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with “Membership – Our Future” as the theme.
The keynote speaker for the forum was Dr. James Blakely, noted author and speaker who possesses a rare talent for presenting totally positive approaches to problem solving.
One of the new ideas tried at the forum was the distribution of registration packets to the hotels where the attendees were staying. This proved to be very popular and has been continued at the forums since then.
Attendance grew to a new level again setting a record of 3,177.



Winston-Salem, NC

Theme: Leadership – Our Responsibility
Chairperson: Fred D Cole
Honorary Chair: Jim Coffey
Host Chair: John Shepherd
Date: September 9-12
Winston-Salem, North Carolina was the site of the 1993 forum. And the 2,600 in attendance learned that the theme “Leadership-Our Responsibility” could become the base of membership growth.
The use of a larger number of hotels became a special challenge, but presenters like W. Mitchell whose message was, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.” Took us to new heights because with laughter and tears he was able to motivate all who listened to accept themselves and use that knowledge to create even
more and better service opportunities for their clubs and communities.



Des Moines, IA

Theme: Unity – A New Generation
Chairperson: L. Blaine Rush
Honorary Chair: William Wunder
Host Chair: Gary Fry
Date: September 22-25
Des Moines, Iowa was the location of the 1994 – 18th USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum with a theme of “Unity – A New Generation.”
A very special presentation of “The Trial of John Q. Lion” was presented with the Honorable Judge Brian Stevenson presiding. This was a humorous presentation but with a very strong, serious message for all.
In connection with SightFirst, Lions were requested to bring used eyeglasses to the forum. Over 300,000 pairs of glasses were given for recycling.
Computer generated tickets for all of the events all printed on one sheet, and easily separated were introduced. This system has been used at each forum since then.
Pre-registration at this forum for Edmonton in 1995 was 630, a new record.



Edmonton, AB

Theme: Leadership – Our Foundation
Chairperson: Tom Broughton
Honorary Chair: William Wunder
Host Chair: Bill Bissonnette
Date: September 14-17
The 1995 forum again went north to Edmonton, Alberta. Two thousand nine hundred were in attendance.
Videotapes of selected presentations were made available for the first time with over 500 tapes ordered.
Eileen McDargh, a professional speaker, gave a dynamic presentation that earned the highest evaluation ever given to a professional speaker.
A first was the use of more professional speakers as a means of fitting presentations to the facilities. All attendees were able to see a balance between large-group professional presenters and smaller-group Lions presentations.


Milwaukee, WI

Theme: Building Bridges to the Future
Chairperson: Richard A Dick Tyler
Honorary Chair: Pat Patterson
Host Chair: Harry McMeeken & Tom Thorson
Date: September 26-28
“Building Bridges to the Future” was a very appropriate theme for the 1996 forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Honorary Chairman Pat Paterson inspired all 2,910 in attendance with the true spirit of Lionism.
Several professional speakers motivated the Lions in attendance. Keith Harrell was especially well received with his unique and charismatic style. He demonstrated a “fix it” approach to developing a winning attitude.


Syracuse, NY

Theme: Proud Past – Brighter Future
Chairperson: Karl Adamson
Honorary Chair: Pat Patterson
Host Chair: Stanley Deminski
Date: September 25-27
Syracuse, New York welcomed the 2,700 attendees to the 1997 forum.
Our theme, “Bright Past – Brighter Future” was reflected in the speakers and seminars presented. Our bright past was emphasized with a broad array of Lions presentations. Our brighter future was presented to us in statements such as one made by Kare Anderson when she said, “The most compelling communicator will create our tomorrow.”
First Vice President Kajit Habanananda ably represented International President Pat Paterson at the forum. Even though International President Patterson was at home recuperating from surgery, his spirit was ever present to all who know and
respect him.



Lexington, KY

Theme: Gateway to Excellence
Chairperson: Dr. John Pearce
Honorary Chair: Jim Ervin
Host Chair: Mike Levenson
Date: September 24-27
The 22nd USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Lexington, Kentucky was the most heavily attended forum on record with a net attendance of 3,614. This eclipsed the old record set in Oklahoma City by 437.
The theme for the 1998 forum was “Leadership – Gateway to Excellence.”
Over 50 seminars on a wide range of topics – and a number of professional speakers such as John W. Lee, Mary Ellen Drummond and M. Kay DuPont – all focused on subjects that met the criteria for the theme of the forum.
Many agreed that this was one of the “best ever” forums and were so enthusiastic that 1,506 pre-registered for the next forum in Birmingham, also a record for preregistration.



Birmingham, AL

Theme: Visions, Opportunities, Responsibilities: For all the World to See
Chairperson: Roy D. Wilson
Honorary Chair: Jim Ervin
Host Chair: Bill Tisdale
Date: September 16-19
Birmingham, Alabama was the site of the 1999 – 23rd USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. The Lions of Alabama treated all attendees with true “Southern Hospitality”.
The theme for the forum was “Vision, Opportunities, Responsibilities: For All to See.”
New ideas were: A float in the International Parade in San Diego promoting the forum. A web site for the forum was developed. Vendors’ booths were expanded to include fund-raisers, service partners and corporate vendors. And, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt application was filed and approved by the IRS.
Keynote speaker on opening night of the forum was Scott McKain, nationally known speaker dedicated to improving the personal and professional performance of his audience.
A total of five professional speakers and over 40 seminars were presented at the forum.
President Jim Ervin delighted the audience with the president’s address given while walking among the audience.



Tucson, AZ

Theme: Learning Today Leading Tomorrow
Chairperson: Phillip J Ingwell
Honorary Chair: Frank Moore
Host Chair: Joe Huntsman
Date: September 21-24
Tucson, Arizona was the location of the 24th USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.
Fort Thomas, Arizona was the birthplace of our founder, Melvin Jones. Early forum arrivals were given the opportunity to visit the Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial on Wednesday preceding the forum.
The theme of the forum was “Quality – the Key to Our Future.” This theme was stressed by presenting five motivational speakers along with 45 seminars on a variety of subjects.
Lions were impressed with a presentation by Barry R. McCaffery, Director for the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
Expanded hours for the Forum Store were very popular.
Interest from Lions throughout the world continues to grow in the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. Lions from ten countries outside the USA and Canada were in attendance at the Tucson forum.



Halifax, NS

Theme: Light the Path to Leadership
Chairperson: Gary Fry
Honorary Chair: Frank Moore
Host Chair: Jim Sherry
Date: September 20-22
The Silver Anniversary Forum was held nine days after one of the most devastating acts of terrorism in modern times. On September 11, 2001 over 3000 were registered to attend and over 2500 were in attendance. The Honorary Chairman for the Forum was International President J. Frank Moore III, with PID Gary Fry serving as General Chairman. The Host Chairman was PCC Jim Sherry.
The Forum was held in the World Trade Center in Halifax, a  wonderful convention site ably managed by Mr. Dennis Mansour.
The Forum began with a memorial service to the victims on 9/11 attended by over 1500 people. PID Dr. Ed Cordes of New York spoke on behalf of the victims and their families, PID Gary Fry spoke on behalf of the Forum, Rev. Carl Price of Sackville, Nova Scotia delivered the message and PID John Daum led everyone in
the closing hymn “Amazing Grace”. On Thursday night we were treated to a gala opening ceremony with the flags being posted by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with the accompaniment of a bag pipe leader. President Moore and
PID Fry were presented wearing Nova Scotia kilts. Our opening presenter was Jeanne Robertson who for an hour entertained us and gave us a chance to laugh and forget the happenings in the world. For many this was the first opportunity to do so in nine days.
At Friday’s Luncheon a twenty-five year historical video was presented. It highlighted the twenty-four previous Forums and welcomed everyone to number twenty-five. At this luncheon all Past General Chairmen of the Forum were recognized along with the six Lions who had attended all twenty-five.
Saturday’s Luncheon speaker was International President J. Frank Moore III, who shared with us his international program and some of his travels to date. Our final presenter was Alvin Law of Calgary. Mr. Law is a thalidomide survivor who was born with no arms. Abandoned as a baby and adopted by a couple, he has become an inspiration to all. He was the top trombone player in Canada while in
high school and today is also a very accomplished snare drum player. He demonstrated many fetes that would seem to be all but impossible without arms. His message about overcoming adversity and his enthusiasm sent all of us home with a much different mind set. The Forum closed with the retiring of the flags by Texas Rangers as the Forum moves to Fort Worth, Texas in 2002.
Anyone who attended the 2001 Forum in Halifax will never forget the
warmth and friendship extended by all Canadians during a very trying time. The “Red Shirts” under the direction of PCC Jim Sherry were everywhere. They provided us with solutions to any problems that we had, the “Red Shirts” were truly an outstanding group of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2001 Halifax Forum such a success.



Fort Worth, TX

Theme: One World One Heart: Building a Better Tomorrow
Chairman: John Daum
Honorary Chair: Kay Fukushima
Host Chair: Jack Harris
Date: September 19-21


Portland, OR

Theme: Innovation – The Gateway to Leadership
Chairperson: Joe Preston
Honorary Chair: Clem Kusiak
Host Chair: Sunny Pulley
Date: September 18-20


Reno, NV

Theme: Sharing Success
Chairperson: Edward Gear
Honorary Chair: Clem Kusiak
Host Chair: Vince Vinella
Date: September 8-11


Peoria, IL

Gene Polgar

Theme: Passion to Excel
Honorary Chair: Jimmy Ross
Host Chair: Terry Knollenberg
Date: September 21-24


Columbus, OH

Theme: Discover a New World of Leadership and Service
Chairperson: Jack Harris
Honorary Chair: Jimmy Ross
Host Chair: Earl Strawn
Date: September 14-16


Grand Rapids, MI

Theme: Making a Difference Through the Challenges of Change
Chairperson: Ed McCormick
Honorary Chair: Al Brandel
Host Chair: Gary Anderson
Date: September 5-8


Saskatoon, SK

Theme: Everyday Heroes Performing Miracles Through Service
Chairperson: Terry Graham
Honorary Chair: Al Brandel
Host Chair: Ron Belke
Date: September 14-16


Memphis, TN

Theme: Move to Grow – Lions Leading Through Service

Chairperson: Chuck Kostro

Honorary Chair: Sid Scruggs
Host Chair: Floyd Schriber
Date: September 24-26


Milwaukee, WI

Theme: A Beacon of Hope Through Leadership and Service
Chairperson: William Bill Iannacone
Honorary Chair: Sid Scruggs
Host Chair: Phil Ingwell
Date: September 23-25


Anchorage, AK

Theme: I Believe in Lions Leadership
Chairman: Bud Wahl
Honorary Chair: Wayne Madden
Host Chair: Buster Hall
Date: September 22-24


Tampa, FL

Theme: Leadership in a World of Service
Chairperson: Polly Voon
Honorary Chair: Wayne Madden
Host Chair: Jackie Camerion
Date: September 13-15


Overland Park, KS

Theme: Follow the Leadership Road to Your Dreams
Chairperson: Doug Lozier
Honorary Chair: Joe Preston
Host Chair: Neal Nichols
Date: September 19-21


San Juan, PR

Theme: Building Leadership One Block at a Time
Chairperson: Ron Duffe
Honorary Chair: Joe Preston
Host Chair: Eugenio Roman
Date: September 9-11


Grand Rapids, MI

Theme: The Grand Forum
Chairperson: Mark Miller
Honorary Chair: Bob Corlew
Host Chair: John Johnston
Date: September 17-19


Omaha, NE

Theme: Leadership For Service
Chairperson: Gary Anderson
Honorary Chair: Bob Corlew
Host Chair: Randy Ritterbush
Date: September 15-17


Portland, OR

Theme: Leadership With Imagination & Service With Creativity
Chairman: Lowell Bonds
Honorary Chair: Bob Corlew
Host Chair: Joyce Anderson
Date: September 21-23


Columbus, OH

Theme: Building Teams Through Leadership
Chairperson: Mark Hintzmann
Honorary Chair: Haynes Townsend
Host Chair: Ron Keller
Date: September 20-22


Spokane, WA

Theme: Creating Better Leaders
Chairperson: Paul Bledsoe
Honorary Chair: Haynes H Townsend
Host Chair: Laura Wintersteen-Arleth
Date: September 19-21


Louisville, KY

Theme: And Were Off… To Winning Leadership!

Chairman: Harvey Whitley
Honorary Chair: Haynes H Townsend
Host Chair: Chuck Carlson
Date: September 17-19


Des Moines, IA

Theme: Cultivating Leaders
Chairperson: Wendy Cain
Honorary Chair: Ip Doug Alexander
Host Chair: Gerald “Jerry” Inman
Date: September 9-11


Calgary, Alberta Canada

Theme: Stampede To Lead
Chairperson: Randy Heitmann
Honorary Chair: IP Brian Sheehan
Host Chair: Tyler Bray
Date: September 15-17


Reno, Nevada

Theme: Up and away with Leadership
Chairperson: Jama Wahl
Honorary Chair: Patti Hill
Host Chair: Linda Wagner Griffin
Date: September 14-16


Louisville, Kentucky


Theme: Setting the Pace
Chairperson: Steven Sherer
Honorary Chair: Mark Lyon
Host Chair:  Chuck Carlson
Date: September  5-7, 2024

2025 (Future)

 Atlantic City, New Jersey

Chairperson: Anne Smarsh
Honorary Chair: Mark Lyon
Host Chair:  Dayl Baile
Date: September 18-20, 2025

2026 (Future)

Memphis, Tennessee

Chairperson: Ardie Klemish
Honorary Chair: 
Host Chair:  Brad Baker
Date: September 3-5, 2026

2027 (Future)

Huntsville, Alabama

Chairperson: Cindy Gregg
Honorary Chair:
Host Chair:  
Date: September 16-18, 2027

Beginning at the 2001 Forum in Halifax, NS, it was the 25th Anniversary. The Forum has given recognition to those Lions who attended the Forum’s since 1977. Please note the photo of the Lions with perfect attendance since the birth of the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.


They are from left to Right:

  • PIP Kay Fukushima (California)
  • PID Roger Richert (Washighton)
  • PDG Henry Tolk (Michigan)
  • PDG Bruce Strome (South Carolina)
  • PDG Earl Maddox (Colorado)
  • PDG Ted Fusco (Pennsylvania)
  • PDG Bill McLaughlin (Pennsylvania)

The second photo celebrates the perfect Forum attendance of these Lions taken at the 2018 Columbus, Ohio Forum.

Here is a picture of the “Dynamic Duo” with PDG Bruce Strome and PID Roger Richert.
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