Seminar listing is subject to change

Accountability – Michigan’s Pilot Program

Advanced Facilitating Skills (Lions University – LU-205)

An Autopsy of a Deceased Lions Club (Why Lions Clubs Die)

Baxter/School Health – Forum Sponsor

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known – Marketing/Branding

Becoming an ID

Build A Plan – Vision with Action Makes a Powerful Reality

Build A Team – Teamwork makes the dream work

Build A Vision – Bringing Visionaries Together to Dream a Bigger Dream

Build Success – Empowering and Equipping Clubs

Building Peace and Harmony through Service

Building your Marketing Toolkit

California Lions Foundation:  How to Enable Your Clubs to Maximize Community Service

Club President – Skills to Succeed

Club Secretary – Skills to Succeed

Communication Action Plans that WORK!

Communications in Leadership

Creative Learning Activities (Lions University – LU-303)

Cultural Competency – Membership Growth that Includes Everyone

Demystifying dementia & Brain Health

Developing Smart-Smart Goals

District Governor/TEAM – Skills to Succeed

Dynamic Community Service Projects (Lions University – LU-105)

Emergency Management Coordination

End Preventable Blindness with Lions User Friendly Retinal Imaging Technology

Environmental Service Projects

Ethics (Lions University – LU-225)

Everything you want to know about Social Media but were afraid to ask.

Forum First Timers

Global Advocacy for Change

Healing Meditation (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

Hosting a Forum

How a New Club Consultant can GROW DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP

How to do a Webinar (Lions University – LU-307)

How to start a Community-based LEO club

I am certificated… What do I do now – FDI/LCIP pathway

ID Candidate Session

Involving PDGs in Leadership Development

IP meet Club Presidents

IP meet DGs

It is more sanitary to toot your own horn – Share your Lions Story

LCI Dispute Resolution

LCI Grants

LCI’s New Digital World: Club Officers

LCI’s New Digital World: General Overview

LCIF (Lions University – LU-129)

LCIF Chairs meet with Chairperson IPIP Brian Sheehan

LCIF Impacting Lives Worldwide

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leadership & Well-being

Leadership for Effective Organization

Leadership Lessons from 1980s ROCK (Big Hair Bands)

Lions Learning Opportunities

Lions Legacy Society

Lions Quest 101

Lions Strategic Plan

Louisville Forum

Managing Projects without Losing Sleep

Marketing Tips and Tricks

Meetings, bloody meetings!

Mentorship – Paying it Forward

Mission 1.5

Motivation (Lions University – LU-229)

Multiple District Executive Director/administrator Meet-up

New Member Orientation

New Voices

Personal Development (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

Phishing, Cyber Attacks, Phone Scams

PlusOptix  – Forum Sponsor

Rebion – Forum Sponsor

Rev’m Up Tail-Twisting (Lions University – LU-127)

Servant Leadership – Inspiring your members

Serving Together – Partner in Service Opportunities

Set up for Lions University Graduation

Simple but Unforgettable Member Recognition

Succession Planning – The Future Starts Today

Telling your Club’s Story using a Facebook Reel

The More Empathetic Lion – Person First Language

The Only Constant is Change – Learning how to Thrive

The Ripple Effect – Make this your best fundraising year ever!

Titmus – Forum Sponsor

Up, up and away… LCI’s New Technology Platform

Using the Video Production Device in Your Pocket to Grow Your Club

Volunteer vs Voluntold

VP meets FVDGs

What is Lions University?

Why clubs need LEOS and LEO-Lions

Your LCIF – Foundation Overview

Zone Chairperson  – Skills to Succeed

Zumba – Lions in Motion


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