USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum

September 15-17, 2016

Omaha, Nebraska


email:   Phone:  (605) 723-4007

The 40th USA-Canada Lions Leadership Forum

Watch for the Lions Centennial Torch of Service arriving from Japan.





Service......Leadership.......It's What Lions Do

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Featured Presentations

In preparation for celebration of our Lions Clubs International 100th Anniversary, this year’s Forum will have an additional focus on leadership training to better equip Lions in accomplishing our Centennial Service Challenge of 100 million acts of service. This will include classroom and hands-on training.


In addition to our normal outstanding selection of 60 leadership seminars, we have added seminars dedicated to service projects. These are designed to assist Lions at the Club and District level in better planning projects to serve their communities.


Saturday afternoon will have three large service projects. These will represent our four service campaigns of  Engaging our Youth, Sharing the Vision, Relieving the Hunger and Protecting the Environment. Each attendee will be able to participate in each of the projects.


Thursday Night Dinner



Bill Riggs is a world-class illusionist.  He has an incredible use of comedy, illusions, audience participation and motivational speaking combined in a performance that will keep you captivated.


They call him the world's first and only DIS-illusionist, as audiences learn to reshape their destinies by eliminating their "Grand Illusions" and embracing even grander realities.


Billy has been speaking publicly for the last 20 years and was voted on of the top five "Most Entertaining Speakers" for 2014.  He has been called "The Phil of Magic" as a psychologist masquerading as a comedian and magician.  He uses illusions and comedy to grip audiences, move them to action, improve attitudes, turbocharge service and change lives.

Friday Luncheon

NHRA Owner/Crew Chief

Motivational Speaker


Learn to follow your dream to pursue your life dreams by hearing his personal testimony following a life-changing accident which left him totally blind and without the senses of smell and taste.


Jay recounts his journey from the accident to realizing his dream of owning a professional racing team.  Important life values and skills such as positive attitude,  the importance of education, pursuing you dreams with passion, self-determination, and team building are underscored in the motivational, life-affirming address from a speaker who, indeed, has "walked the walk."

Saturday Luncheon

International  President      2016-2017


President of our Association and the  100th President at the 2016 at the International convention.


Bob Corlew and his team will detail his 2016-2017 Presidential theme: New Mountains to Climb.


International President Corlew is retired as chancellor for the State of Tennessee and a professor of law.  He has been active in the Boy Scouts of America, the Jaycees and the American Red Cross.  He has also served as a councilman in his hometown in Tennessee and was a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Saturday Night Dinner

Colonel USAF, Retired,

Leadership Lessons Learned

A 27 year career Air Force officer

A Lion for 28 years

CEO of Leader Dogs for the Blind for 19 1/2 years


With 45 years of leadership and training experience Bill addresses, in a very practical and down to earth manner, the leadership needs and challenges that organizations encounter today. He highlights the presentation with a variety of personal experiences and interesting anecdotes, and the lessons learned, from his USAF career.



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